Oppo A2 Pro Price, Release date and Overview

The Oppo A2 Pro is a feature-rich smartphone designed to provide consumers with an amazing experience.

The display of the Oppo A2 Pro is 6.7 inches of AMOLED. Additionally, the MediaTek MT6877V Dimensity 7050 chipset, which is manufactured using a 6nm process technology, powers this gadget.

With 64 megapixels on the back of the Oppo A2 Pro, the primary camera ensures that pictures are crisp and detailed regardless of the lighting conditions.

The 5000mAh battery of the Oppo A2 Pro allows you to enjoy entertainment all day long. In addition to its large battery, the Oppo A2 Pro comes with a 67-watt fast charger. We discuss the Oppo A2 Pro's full specifications, cost, benefits, and drawbacks in this article.

Oppo A2 Pro review

Oppo A2 Pro Design

The Oppo A2 Pro really stands out because of its unique finish. Oppo makes the A2 Pro in a number of striking colors, so you can choose one that fits your style.

Oppo has taken a basic approach to the design by getting rid of clutter and other things that might get in the way. The Oppo A2 Pro pays attention to the little things, like where the buttons and ports are located and how the design elements are arranged. The care taken in making this phone demonstrates Oppo's commitment to producing high-quality smartphones.

Oppo A2 Pro design

Oppo A2 Pro Ports and Buttons

The Oppo A2 Pro's features and physical layout have been thoughtfully developed to provide consumers with convenience and functionality. The volume rocker and power button are located on the right side of the device, where they are conveniently located for comfortable access and use. This makes it simple to change the volume and turn the gadget on or off.

If you turn to the left, you will see the SIM tray. Here, you may slide in your SIM card or cards to enjoy seamless mobile service. This architecture makes sure that switching between SIM cards is easy and uncomplicated.

Several crucial parts are located at the bottom of the phone. The micro-speaker ensures that you can hear your phone's sound even in noisy surroundings by producing crisp audio output for calls, media playing, and notifications. Nearby, there is a USB Type-C port that does two things: it allows for rapid data transfer and rapid device charging. Compared to earlier USB versions, this current USB standard enables quicker charging periods and more effective data transfer capabilities. Next to the USB Type-C connector is a speaker grill, which most likely contains the main speaker for audio output, whether using the speakerphone, playing music, or viewing videos.

A microphone is located toward the top of the bottom part; it may be used for audio signal mixing and noise cancellation. This microphone is essential for improving call quality because it cuts down on background noise, making it easier for people to hear you properly during talks.

Oppo A2 Pro ports and buttons

Oppo A2 Pro Body

Being only 183 grams in weight, the Oppo A2 Pro is a thin smartphone. Being relatively lightweight adds to its portability and user-friendly design by making it simple to fit in your pocket or handbag without adding too much bulk.

The phone is 162.7 x 74.3 x 8 mm in size. According to these dimensions, the Oppo A2 Pro has a somewhat tall and narrow form factor and is thin and compact.

Oppo A2 Pro body

Oppo A2 Pro Colors

Users can choose from three fashionable and appealing colors for the Oppo A2 Pro, depending on which best fits their own tastes and aesthetics. Below is a quick explanation of every color option that is available:

Black: The Oppo A2 Pro's black version has a classic, ageless appearance.

Purple: The Oppo A2 Pro's purple version adds a striking and colorful touch to the device. For individuals who wish to showcase their distinct and vibrant style on their smartphone, this option is ideal.

Brown: The Oppo A2 Pro's brown color option has an earthy, warm tone. Those who value a more organic and natural look for their smartphone will find this color option perfect.

With these three color options, consumers may choose the Oppo A2 Pro that best suits their own tastes and style, guaranteeing that the smartphone will not only function well but also match their own sense of style and taste.

Oppo A2 Pro colors

Oppo A2 Pro Display

With its amazing 6.7-inch AMOLED display and a plethora of capabilities, the Oppo A2 Pro redefines the visual experience. Below is a thorough analysis of its display specifications:

Size: The Oppo A2 Pro's large 6.7-inch screen provides a roomy canvas for all of your multimedia requirements. Whether you're playing games, watching videos, or browsing the web, the large AMOLED display makes immersive viewing possible.

Color Depth: The display has a wide color gamut that includes one billion hues. This translates to a wide variety of colors being precisely and accurately reproduced, resulting in vivid and lifelike hues in photos and movies.

Refresh Rate: One of the Oppo A2 Pro's most notable features is its high 120 Hz refresh rate. Motion blur is lessened, scrolling is more fluid, and animations flow more naturally with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. Gamers and users who require a responsive and pleasant touchscreen experience particularly value this functionality.

Brightness: The display is made to be readable in dimly lit environments. It guarantees readability in most settings with a usual brightness of 500 nits. It is also perfect for outdoor use on sunny days, reaching a brightness of 800 nits in High Brightness Mode (HBM) and an astounding 950 nits at peak brightness.

Resolution: With a Full HD+ resolution of 1080 x 2412 pixels, the Oppo A2 Pro's display is impressive. Text and images seem clear and crisp thanks to the high resolution that guarantees detailed and sharp graphics. A pixel density of 394 pixels per inch (ppi) means that every piece of material you create will have exceptional sharpness and clarity.

Screen-to-body ratio: The device has a remarkable screen-to-body ratio of 89.4%, which means that the display occupies a sizable portion of the front surface.

Oppo A2 Pro display

Oppo A2 Pro Camera

With its dual-camera arrangement, the Oppo A2 Pro enhances the quality and adaptability of your photography and filming projects. First and foremost is the 64-megapixel primary rear camera, which comes with a wide f/1.7 aperture and a 25mm wide-angle lens.

Even in settings with rapid action, your subjects stay sharply in focus because of Phase Detection Autofocus (PDAF). The camera can take detailed and vibrant pictures because of its huge 1/2" sensor size and 0.7µm pixel size. With gyro-based Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) for steady filming and 4K recording at 30 frames per second, the primary rear camera excels in video capture. It also provides different frame rates for 1080p video recording.

By providing depth information, the secondary rear camera enhances the primary camera. It has a 2-megapixel depth sensor. This improves your photographs' background blur and portrait mode effects.

With an f/2.0 wide aperture on the front, the 8-megapixel selfie camera makes sure your photos are bright and crisp. You can record 1080p films with it as well, which enables you to take excellent selfie shots.

Essentially, aficionados of photography and filmmaking have access to an extensive toolkit thanks to the Oppo A2 Pro's camera system.

Oppo A2 Pro camera

Oppo A2 Pro Memory

You can select the Oppo A2 Pro variation that best meets your needs in terms of performance and storage capacity thanks to its array of storage and RAM options, which are designed to accommodate a variety of user demands. Below is a summary of the choices that are available:

256GB ROM, 8GB RAM: With a substantial 256GB of internal storage, you'll have plenty of room to save your apps, pictures, movies, and other stuff on this Oppo A2 Pro model. You may anticipate fluid multitasking and effective app performance with 8GB of RAM.

256GB ROM, 12GB RAM: The Oppo A2 Pro has a variation of 256GB of storage combined with a substantial 12GB of RAM for consumers who require even more performance and multitasking ability.

12GB RAM, 512GB ROM: The Oppo A2 Pro's top-tier model has 512GB of internal storage, which makes it ideal for anyone who needs a lot of room for documents, files, and a large media collection. This version can easily handle demanding work and offers great multitasking capabilities because of its 12 GB of RAM.

Oppo A2 Pro RAM and ROM

Oppo A2 Pro Operating System

The Oppo A2 Pro offers a seamless and feature-rich user experience because of its powerful and modern hardware and software combination.

Operating system: The most recent version of the Android 13 Operating system powers the device and offers a number of improvements, security measures, and added functionality over earlier Android OS iterations. Users will always have access to the newest security patches and software developments thanks to Android 13.

Custom User Interface: ColorOS 13.1 is integrated inside the Oppo A2 Pro, covering Android 13. This custom user interface made by Oppo enhances the Android experience with a layer of personalization and exclusive features. The UI of ColorOS 13.1 is intended to be user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing, while also providing more customization and capability.

Chipset: The MediaTek MT6877V Dimensity 7050 Processor powers the Oppo A2 Pro.

GPU: To enhance the gaming and multimedia experience, the Mali-G68 MC4 GPU works in tandem with the chipset to provide robust graphics performance. It guarantees that visually demanding content and games with fluid animations and smooth graphics can be enjoyed.

Oppo A2 Pro processor

Oppo A2 Pro Audio

Because it can play music in the background and supports a variety of audio file types, including MP3, AMR, WAV, AAC, MIDI, and OGG, the Oppo A2 Pro is an excellent music player. Thus, it's a wonderful approach to enjoying meaningful music in a lovely way.

Oppo A2 Pro Battery

The powerful Li-Po 5000 mAh non-removable battery of the Oppo A2 Pro is made to last for a long time between charges. Its fast 67W fast charger, meanwhile, is what really makes it unique. You can spend less time hooked up to a charger and more time using your smartphone thanks to the quick battery replenishment this powerful charger offers.

Upon charging for just twenty minutes, the Oppo A2 Pro can attain an astounding 54% charge. Those who are constantly on the go will find this fast-charging feature extremely helpful, as it guarantees uninterrupted connectivity and productivity in the event of a battery drain.

The Oppo A2 Pro is a dependable companion for consumers who require both long-lasting battery life and quick top-ups when needed, thanks to its large 5000 mAh battery and swift 67W fast charger. Whether you use your smartphone for work, vacation, or just for leisure, this charging solution makes sure you always have the power you need, when you need it.

Oppo A2 Pro battery

Oppo A2 Pro Fingerprint

The under-display fingerprint sensor on the Oppo A2 Pro is a cutting-edge biometric security feature. With the help of this cutting-edge technology, users may quickly and securely unlock their phones by just touching a specific region of the screen with their registered fingerprint.

With just a touch of your finger, this biometric security feature protects your smartphone and data while offering a quick and safe method to unlock your Oppo A2 Pro.

Oppo A2 Pro fingerprint

Oppo A2 Pro Connectivity

The Oppo A2 Pro can connect to networks and keep track of them. With two SIM cards, you can connect to GSM, HSPA, LTE, and 5G networks. The device has built-in tracking tools for BDS (B1I+B1c), Galileo (E1), GPS (L1), GLONASS (G1), NFC, QZSS (L1), and Bluetooth 5.2 (A2DP, LE). There is more than one way to connect, such as using USB Type-C (OTG).

Oppo A2 Pro Launch

The Oppo A2 Pro will come out on September 22, 2023. 

Oppo A2 Pro Price

Depending on where you live, the Oppo A2 Pro's pricing may change. This phone varies in price depending on where you get it.

The Oppo A2 Pro Price in the USA is about $256.53. In India, ₹20,999 In Bangladesh, 26,237 TK

Oppo A2 Pro price

Advantages of Oppo A2 Pro

There are a lot of advantages to the Oppo A2 Pro. Here are:

1. A 6.7-inch AMOLED display

2. Mediatek MT6877V Dimensity 7050 (6 nm) chipset

3. Big Storage

4. 64 MP Main rear camera

5. Under display fingerprint

6.67W fast charger.

Oppo A2 Pro Disadvantage

This phone has a lot of good points, but it also has a few bad ones.

1. The camera could be better.

2. The battery could be better.

3. There is no 3.5mm jack.

Oppo A2 Pro Overview

The Oppo A2 Pro is a smartphone with a lot of features. It has a 6.7-inch AMOLED screen with 1 billion colors, a high update rate of 120 Hz, and very bright levels.

The MediaTek Dimensity 7050 processor and Mali-G68 GPU in this phone make sure that everything runs smoothly and quickly.

In terms of the camera, it has a 64 MP main rear camera and a 2 MP depth sensor, which lets you take detailed photos and create nice portrait mode effects. Selfie fans can take clear and colorful pictures of themselves with the 8 MP front camera.

One of its best features is its fast 67W charging, which can give you a 54% charge in just 20 minutes. Also has a 5000 mAh battery. If you think about the Oppo A2 Pro price, This is a good device.