Motorola Edge 40 Neo Price and Review

Modern smartphones like the Motorola Edge 40 Neo effortlessly blend potent performance with gorgeous aesthetics. Tech lovers and smartphone connoisseurs alike will be drawn to this device because of its remarkable capabilities and elegant design.

With its amazing 6.55-inch P-OLED curved display, the Motorola Edge 40 Neo offers you stunning images and brilliant colors. This display guarantees an engaging and fun viewing experience. Whether you're playing games, browsing the web, or streaming your favorite content,

At its core, the MediaTek Dimensity 7030 chipset is based on a 6nm design and powers the Motorola Edge 40 Neo. With its state-of-the-art processor, you can run demanding apps, multitask with ease, and play games smoothly without experiencing any lag or slowdown.

The gadget has a 50 MP main camera with excellent quality. So you can take beautiful pictures and videos with remarkable clarity. This camera will provide exceptional results for both big occasions and daily situations.

With a powerful 5000 mAh battery, the Motorola Edge 40 Neo can keep up with your hectic lifestyle. Even with intensive use, this high-capacity battery guarantees that your phone will remain charged all day. Furthermore, the 68W fast charger offers quick recharging so you can use your device more and spend less time plugged in.

We go through the Motorola Edge 40 Neo's full specifications, price, features, advantages, and disadvantages in this post.

Motorola Edge 40 Neo features

Motorola Edge 40 Neo Design

The Motorola Edge 40 Neo A blend of modern design and functionality. a sleek, contemporary style with high-quality materials. Fantastic pictures and a standout performance. It's a fashion statement as well as a smartphone.

Motorola Edge 40 Neo Design

Motorola Edge 40 Neo Ports and Buttons

Its buttons and ports are thoughtfully positioned for maximum usability in the well-thought-out design of the Motorola Edge 40 Neo.

Right Side: The phone's power and volume rocker controls are located on the right side. These controls are conveniently located, so you can power on and adjust the volume with a single touch.

Left Side: The phone's left side maintains its sleek appearance by being uncluttered and simple.

Bottom: The phone has a speaker grill, a SIM card tray for simple SIM card administration, a micro speaker for quality audio output, and a USB Type-C charging connector for quick and easy charging.

Top: The phone has a noise-cancellation microphone on top that improves audio quality and call clarity for both voice calls and recorded audio.

With its well-considered button and port layout, the Motorola Edge 40 Neo is an elegant and user-friendly device that combines practical functionality with a fashionable aesthetic.

Motorola Edge 40 Neo Ports and Buttons

Motorola Edge 40 Neo Body

With a mix of high-quality materials, the Motorola Edge 40 Neo is a beautifully made smartphone that is both light and stylish.

Materials: The front of the phone is made of glass, which not only makes the screen look better but also makes it last longer and less likely to get scratched. The device's plastic frame is strong enough to hold it together while also being light. The leather back is what makes it stand out. It gives it a bit of luxury and makes it easy to hold. This mix of elements not only makes the phone look better but also makes it last longer and be easier to use.

Weight and Size: The Motorola Edge 40 Neo is incredibly light, weighing only 170 grams. This makes it easy to carry in your pocket or purse without feeling too heavy. Its dimensions—159.6 x 72 x 7.9 mm—make it the right size for carrying around and holding comfortably, so you can use it without any problems.

This mix of materials and sizes in the Motorola Edge 40 Neo shows that the company is serious about making stylish and easy-to-use smartphones.

Motorola Edge 40 Neo Weight

Motorola Edge 40 Neo Colors

To accommodate a variety of tastes, the Motorola Edge 40 Neo comes in a chic assortment of colors. You can select from the following lovely color options:

Black: The Motorola Edge 40 Neo's black version is a classy and classic option for individuals who like a more subdued and classic appearance.

Soothing Sea: The device feels tranquil and refreshed while using the Calm Sea color option.

Caneel Bay: The smartphone gains a little extra vigor and enthusiasm thanks to this color variation.

Motorola Edge 40 Neo colors

Motorola Edge 40 Neo Display

The Motorola Edge 40 Neo boasts an impressive 6.55-inch P-OLED curved display with a host of features that enhance your viewing experience, including:

Vivid Color: With support for 1 billion colors, the display delivers an extensive and accurate color palette, ensuring that images and videos appear true to life.

Smooth Refresh Rate: The screen has a high refresh rate of 144 Hz, which makes scrolling very smooth, animations fluid, and the touch experience fast overall.

HDR10+ Support: HDR10+ compatibility means you can enjoy high-dynamic range content with enhanced contrast and vivid colors, making movies and videos look stunning.

Bright and Clear: The display reaches up to 1300 nits of peak brightness, ensuring excellent visibility even in bright outdoor conditions.

Sharp Resolution: With a 1080 x 2400 pixel resolution, the monitor offers detailed and crisp images. With a 402 ppi pixel density, text and images seem clear and sharp.

Immersive Screen-to-Body Ratio: The Motorola Edge 40 Neo offers an impressive 90.1% screen-to-body ratio, which means minimal bezels and maximum screen real estate for a truly immersive viewing experience.

Display Protection: The device comes with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 to protect the screen from scratches and small bumps.

In summary, the Motorola Edge 40 Neo's display is one of its best features. It has a lot of colors, a fast refresh rate, HDR10+ support, great brightness, and strong security. Regardless of whether you use your smartphone for regular work, gaming, or streaming, this display guarantees a visually appealing and responsive experience.

Motorola Edge 40 Neo display

Motorola Edge 40 Neo Camera

The Motorola Edge 40 Neo's camera setup is truly amazing. It's made to record every moment with a lot of detail and clarity.

Dual rear cameras:

The back of the device has two cameras, each with 50 MP pixels and an aperture of f/1.8. These wide-angle lenses work well in low light and let you get beautiful depth-of-field effects. With a big 1/1.5" sensor and multi-directional PDAF, you can focus quickly and accurately. OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) makes sure that your photos don't shake even when the conditions are bad.

13 MP pixels and an f/2.2 secondary camera with a wide field of view add versatility to your photography, allowing you to capture panoramic landscapes, group photos, and creative shots with ease. It's a valuable addition to the camera setup on the Motorola Edge 40 Neo, providing users with more options for their photography needs.

Flexible Camera Features: Features like HDR (High Dynamic Range), landscape mode, and an LED flash make the camera setup even better. With these features, you can take clear pictures in a range of lighting situations and create stunning panoramas.

Video Excellence: The Motorola Edge 40 Neo is great at taking videos. It can record 4K video at 30 frames per second and 1080p video at 30, 60, 120, and 240 frames per second. Electronic Image Stabilization (gyro-EIS) makes sure that your video footage is smooth and steady even when you're moving.

Selfie Camera:

For people who like taking selfies, the device has a 32 MP front-facing camera with high quality and an aperture of f/2.4. This camera can take clear, colorful selfies that will make your self-portraits stand out. It can also record 4K video at 30 frames per second and 1080p video at 30 frames per second, so your video calls and vlogs will be the best they can be.

Additionally, the Motorola Edge 40 Neo's camera is very good at catching beautiful landscapes, scenes with little light, and high-quality selfies. This smartphone is great for photographers and videographers because it has two cameras on the back, lots of advanced features, and the ability to play 4K videos.

Motorola Edge 40 Neo Selfie camera

Motorola Edge 40 Neo Rear camera

Motorola Edge 40 Neo Memory

The Motorola Edge 40 Neo has two different memory (RAM) and storage (ROM) options, so users can pick the one that best fits their needs for storage and performance:

128GB ROM + 8GB RAM: This configuration gives you 8 gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of storage space for your apps, files, photos, and movies. It has the right amount of storage room and speed for everyday use and doing more than one thing at once.

256GB ROM + 12GB RAM: This option is for users who want more multitasking capabilities and a larger storage capacity. With 12 gigabytes of RAM and 256 gigabytes of internal storage, you'll have more than enough space for large files and a better experience while running memory-intensive apps or games.

Different people can use these two versions for various purposes. This implies that, regardless of your preference for quick multitasking or large storage, the Motorola Edge 40 Neo is a model for everyone.

Motorola Edge 40 Neo RAM and ROM

Motorola Edge 40 Neo Operating System

The Motorola Edge 40 Neo is a cutting-edge smartphone that is easy to use thanks to its great technology and new software.

Android 13: This phone has the newest iOS 13 software. Which means it has the newest features, improvements, and security fixes. Android 13 has a simple setup that is easy to use. You can also change a lot of things about the phone to make it work for you.

Processor: The MediaTek Dimensity 7030 chipset is very powerful. In the Motorola Edge 40 Neo, the MediaTek Dimensity 7030 processor does all the work. The Dimensity 7030 makes sure that your computer runs smoothly and quickly, even when you're gaming, multitasking, or using apps that use a lot of resources.

Mali-G610 MC3 GPU: The Mali-G610 MC3 GPU completes the chipset by offering top-notch graphics processing. This GPU makes sure that the images are clear and bright. Which makes using your phone better whether you're playing games, watching videos, or making your own content.

All of these parts work together to make the Motorola Edge 40 Neo a performance powerhouse that can easily handle the hardest jobs. Android Operating System 13 makes it easy to use, and the MediaTek Dimensity 7030 CPU and Mali-G610 MC3 GPU give it top-notch performance.

Motorola Edge 40 Neo Processor

Motorola Edge 40 Neo Audio

It can play music in the background and works with many audio file types, like OGG, MP3, AMR, WAV, and AAC. The Motorola Edge 40 Neo is a great music player. It's a lovely way to enjoy important music.

Motorola Edge 40 Neo Audio

Motorola Edge 40 Neo Battery

You can be sure that the Motorola Edge 40 Neo has the power you need to get through the day thanks to its 5000 mAh Li-Po battery. The non-removable battery is made to last a long time. So you can stay linked, work, play, and take pictures without having to worry about running out of power all the time.

One great thing about the Motorola Edge 40 Neo is that it can be charged quickly. You can quickly charge the battery with the 68W fast charger that comes with it. The battery can be charged for just 15 minutes and be at a useful 50% full. This fast-charging technology is great for people who are always on the go because it lets you charge your device quickly and get back to using it right away.

The Motorola Edge 40 Neo is a good phone for busy people. Because it has a large battery and fast charging technology. This device can charge your phone quickly, whether you're in a hurry, moving, or just want the convenience of it.

Motorola Edge 40 Neo Battery

Motorola Edge 40 Neo Fingerprint

An in-display fingerprint sensor, sometimes referred to as an under-display fingerprint sensor, is a feature of the Motorola Edge 40 Neo. Using this cutting-edge biometric technology, you only need to place your registered fingerprint on the specified spot on the screen to unlock your device and increase its security.

Motorola Edge 40 Neo Fingerprint

Motorola Edge 40 Neo Connectivity

The Motorola Edge 40 Neo has network connectivity and monitoring capabilities. Make use of two SIM cards. GSM, HSPA, LTE, and 5G networks are among those to which you can connect. BDS (B1I+B1c), Galileo (E1), GPS (L1), GLONASS (G1), NFC, QZSS (L1), and Bluetooth 5.4 (A2DP, LE) are among the tracking systems that the device can use. USB Type-C (OTG) can be used for other connections.

Motorola Edge 40 Neo connectivity

Motorola Edge 40 Neo Launch

The Motorola Edge 40 Neo came out on September 14, 2023.

Motorola Edge 40 Neo Price

Your location may have an impact on the Motorola Edge 40 Neo's price. Its pricing varies depending on where you get it.

The Motorola Edge 40 Neo's price in the USA is about $269.00; in India, it is Rs 27.999. In Bangladesh, BDT is 35000 TK.

Advantages of  Motorola Edge 40 Neo

The Motorola Edge 40 Neo has a lot of advantageous features. Below are:

1. 6.55-inch P-OLED display

2. IP68 dust- and water-resistant

3. Corning Gorilla Glass 3 display protection

4. MediaTek Dimensity 7030 (6nm) Chipset

5. Big storage

6. Under Display Fingerprint

7. 68W fast charger.

8. There is an NFC available.

Motorola Edge 40 Neo Disadvantage

Along with the advantages of this phone, there are also some disadvantages. Some disadvantages are:

1. There is no 3.5mm headphone jack.

2. There is no FM radio.

3. The camera could be better.

Motorola Edge 40 Neo Overview

The high-end Motorola Edge 40 Neo smartphone is made to deliver an excellent mobile experience. Here's a brief synopsis designed with users in mind:

The device is elegant and sophisticated, featuring a glass face, a cozy leather back, and a thin profile. Offered in pleasing hues to complement your fashion sense Take advantage of a gorgeous 6.55-inch P-OLED display that features vibrant colors, crisp images, and a fluid 144Hz refresh rate.

With its powerful Mali-G610 MC3 GPU and MediaTek Dimensity 7030 chipset, It provides good multitasking and gaming performance. Use its 50 MP dual-back cameras to take amazing pictures and take advantage of features like HDR and panoramic.

With a 68W fast charger and a 5000 mAh battery, you can charge it to 50% in just 15 minutes. Which will give you enough power for the entire day. Android 13 powers it. Which offers the newest features and customization possibilities. Use the fingerprint sensor located beneath the display to easily unlock your phone.

The Motorola Edge 40 Neo is an amazing smartphone that seamlessly blends design, functionality, and portability.