Samsung Galaxy M34 5G Review,release date & price

The Samsung Galaxy M34 5G is a smartphone with many features that were made to give users a high-quality experience. Its 6.5-inch Super AMOLED screen allows users to see bright colors and clear images, making it great for watching videos and playing games.

The powerful Exynos 1280 (5 nm) CPU gives this device smooth, lag-free performance, making it easy to do more than one thing simultaneously. It comes in three different versions with different amounts of storage and RAM: 128GB ROM and 6GB RAM, 128GB ROM and 8GB RAM, and 256GB ROM and 8GB RAM. This lets users store many files, apps, and videos while ensuring the device works well.

The primary camera on the Galaxy M34 5G is a powerful 50 megapixel, letting users take stunning shots with great detail and clarity. This camera is made to take great pictures of everything from scenery to portraits to close-ups.

The device has a powerful 6000 mAh battery to keep up with the needs of a busy lifestyle. With the 25-watt fast charger included, users can quickly charge their devices and spend as little time as possible without it.

This article will discuss the Samsung Galaxy M34 5G, focusing on its design, screen, features, camera, battery life, and the many ways it can connect to the internet. We'll also tell you how much the Samsung Galaxy M34 5G costs

Samsung Galaxy M34 5G price and speacification


At the bottom of the Samsung Galaxy M34 5G are a microphone, a USB port for charging and transferring data, a speaker for audio output, and a 3.5mm headphone jack that lets you connect your favorite headphones without adapters or wireless options.

The power and volume buttons are on the device's right side, making them easy to reach. The power button on the device also has a fingerprint reader built in. This makes it easy and safe to open your phone and keep your information safe.

On the left side is the dual SIM tray, which lets you use two SIM cards simultaneously. This is useful for people who need different numbers for work and personal use or who want to travel abroad without switching SIM cards.

These well-designed and well-placed parts make the Galaxy M34 5G easier to use and more convenient, so you can connect with the device quickly and get the most out of its features.

Samsung Galaxy M34 5G design


The Samsung Galaxy M34 5G is constructed from durable and attractive materials. The front is made of glass, giving it a sleek, upscale appearance. The rear and frame are made of plastic, increasing their durability and reducing the device's overall weight.

The Galaxy M34 5G weighs 208 grams and was designed to be lightweight and comfortable to wield. This makes it simpler to use for extended periods without straining or becoming fatigued.

The Galaxy M34 5G is about 77 x 162 x 9 mm. This small size makes it easy to hold and put in your pocket to take it anywhere.

The Samsung Galaxy M34 5G is aesthetically pleasing and valuable because it is made of glass and plastic and has well-thought-out measurements. This makes it easy to use and fun to look at.


The Samsung Galaxy M34 5G comes in three attractive colors, each with a charm to fit different tastes.

Midnight Blue is a deep, rich shade of blue that gives off an air of elegance. The Midnight Blue finish gives the device a bit of class and gives it a look that is both timeless and classic.

Prism Silver, The shiny, glossy silver color of the Prism Silver version gives it a sleek and modern look. It has a modern and advanced style, making a factual statement.

Waterfall Blue, The Waterfall Blue color of the Galaxy M34 5G, gives the phone a sense of energy and fun with its calm and bright blue tone. It gives the room a bright splash of color that jumps out and draws the eye.

The Galaxy M34 5G comes in various colors, such as Midnight Blue, which has a classic and elegant look, and Prism Silver, which has a modern and futuristic feel. And Waterfall Blue, which has a bright and lively look.

Samsung Galaxy M34 5G colors


The Samsung Galaxy M34 5G has a beautiful 6.5-inch Super AMOLED screen, which gives people a great visual experience. With a resolution of 1080 x 2340 pixels and a pixel density of 396 PPI, the screen shows clear and bright images. This means the text is clear, the pictures are detailed, and the colors are bright.

The display has a 120 Hz refresh rate, which makes scrolling, animations, and the general responsiveness of the screen smoother. This fast refresh rate makes the user interface flow better, more accessible, and more enjoyable.

The Samsung Galaxy M34 5G has a peak brightness of 1000 nits, making it easier to see in different lighting situations. This high light level ensures the screen is easily read, even when it is bright outside.

The screen is also covered by Corning Gorilla Glass 5, which is very resistant to scratches and accidental damage. This makes sure that the screen will last for a long time.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy M34 5G's Super AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate, high peak brightness, and Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection makes browsing the web, watching movies, or playing games an immersive and visually pleasing experience.

Samsung Galaxy M34 5G display


The Samsung Galaxy M34 5G has a flexible triple camera setup that lets users take photos of various topics with outstanding clarity and detail.

The primary camera has a 50 MP resolution and an f/1.8 aperture, which gives it great low-light and depth-of-field performance. Phase Detection Autofocus (PDAF) makes sure that the camera can focus quickly and accurately, and Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) helps to reduce blur and camera shake, which makes the pictures sharper and more stable.

The second camera has an 8 MP sensor with an aperture of f/2.2. This gives it an ultrawide field of view of 120. This makes it easy for people to take pictures of extensive scenery, groups of people, or buildings without missing any details.

A 2 MP lens with an f/2.4 aperture is the third part of the triple camera setup.

The Galaxy M34 5G's camera has an LED flash, a panorama mode for taking photos with a wide angle, and HDR (High Dynamic Range), which improves contrast and clarity in low-light situations.

The Galaxy M34 5G has a 13 MP front-facing camera with an f/2.0 lens for people who like to take selfies. This camera lets you take high-quality selfies from a wide angle to show off your best side.

Also, the device can record videos at 1080p resolution and 30 frames per second, letting users take smooth and informative videos.

Samsung Galaxy M34 5G selfie camera

Samsung Galaxy M34 5G rear camera


The Samsung Galaxy M34 5G comes in three different versions, each with a different amount of storage space and RAM to fit different tastes and needs.

The first model has 128GB of storage space and 6GB of RAM. This setup has a lot of room for apps, media, and files, and the 6GB of RAM makes it easy to switch between tasks and run programs quickly.

The second version also has 128GB of storage but 8GB of RAM instead of 4. This extra RAM improves the device's ability to switch tasks, making it even faster and smoother.

The third version of the Galaxy M34 5G has 256GB of storage, which is excellent for people who need more room. It also has 8GB of RAM to ensure it works well and is suitable for people who need to store a lot of media, apps, or papers on their devices.

Because there are different storage and RAM configurations, users can choose the one that fits their storage needs and budget the best, ensuring they have enough room and speed for their specific needs.

Operating System

The Samsung Galaxy M34 5G runs on Android 13, which gives users access to the latest features and speed and security improvements.

The Exynos 1280 (5 nm) chipset runs the gadget, ensuring it works well and reliably. The octa-core CPU configuration has two high-performance Cortex-A78 cores clocked at 2.4 GHz. This makes it quick and responsive for jobs requiring a lot of processing power. Also, six 2.0 GHz Cortex-A55 cores use less power and handle lighter jobs to make the most of the battery.

The Mali-G68 GPU is built into the Galaxy M34 5G to improve the graphics power of the phone. This graphics processing unit allows you to play and immerse yourself in games smoothly. It also makes it possible to play multimedia files and use apps that use a lot of graphics without any problems.

With the Exynos 1280 chipset's octa-core CPU and Mali-G68 GPU, the Galaxy M34 5G can handle many jobs and provide a smooth and responsive user experience, whether playing games, switching between apps, or watching videos.

Samsung Galaxy M34 5G processor


Playback options include MP3, AMR, WAV, AAC, MIDI, and OGG files. Background music can also be played. This phone is excellent for carrying music with you while you travel.


The Samsung Galaxy M34 5G has a 6000 mAh Li-Po battery with a lot of power. This battery can't be taken out, but it's made to last a long time and not need to be charged as often, so users can stay connected and active throughout the day.

The Galaxy M34 5G offers 25W fast charging to improve the charging process. This means that users can quickly charge their devices, cutting downtime and ensuring they don't have to wait long to use their phones again.

The large 6000 mAh battery and the ability to charge quickly mean that users can use the phone for longer without thinking about running out of power. The Galaxy M34 5G's battery works well and lasts long, whether surfing the web, streaming movies, or playing games.

Samsung Galaxy M34 5G battery

Samsung Galaxy M34 5G charging speed


The fingerprint sensor on the side of the Samsung Galaxy M34 5G is an excellent addition. This placement makes it easy to open the device and gives your personal information an extra layer of protection.

The fingerprint reader is on the side of the device, right next to the power button. This makes it easy to reach with your finger while holding the phone. This setting makes the process of unlocking the device smooth and easy. Users can unlock their devices with just a touch.

With the fingerprint reader on the side of the Galaxy M34 5G, you can easily protect your personal information and have a safe way to access your device.


The Samsung Galaxy M34 5G also has an internet connection. It works with GSM, HSPA, LTE, and 5G networks, and two SIM cards can be used simultaneously. It comes with a fingerprint reader, dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 5.3 (A2DP, LE), GPS (L1), GLONASS (G1), BDS (B1I+B1c), Galileo (E1), and the QZSS (L1) positioning system. OTG USB Type-C. The phone also has devices that measure distance, speed, gyro, and direction.


The Samsung Galaxy M34 5G was introduced on July 3, 2023, and it may be available for purchase by the end of the month.


No price has been set for this phone yet. However, the Samsung Galaxy M34 5G can cost $185 on the world market.


The Samsung Galaxy M34 5G has a lot of good choices and features.

1. The Samsung Galaxy M34 5G has a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED display.

2. There is a 50 MP no-shake camera.

3. Li-Po 6000 mAh, non-removable battery

4. 25W fast charger.

5. There have been five years of security updates.

6. The Samsung Galaxy M34 5G has a Samsung wallet.

7. Corning Gorilla Glass 5 display protection


There are a few bad things about the Samsung Galaxy M34 5G.

1. There was no Gyro-EIS support.

2. No reverse charging support

3. USB type-C 2.0 charging port


Q. How much does the Samsung Galaxy M34 5G cost?

No price has been set for this phone yet. However, the Samsung Galaxy M34 5G can cost $185 on the world market.

Q. When will the Samsung Galaxy M34 5G launch in the world market?

It may be on sale by the end of the month.


The Samsung Galaxy M34 5G smartphone has many features and a high-quality user experience. It has a great appearance, a beautiful screen, powerful performance, high-quality camera features, a long battery life, and many ways to connect. With a 120 Hz update rate and a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED screen, the Galaxy M34 5G has bright colors, clear images, and smooth scrolling. Corning Gorilla Glass 5 covers the screen to make it even more durable. The Galaxy M34 5G is powered by the Exynos 1280 (5 nm) CPU and comes in different versions with up to 8GB of RAM and a lot of storage space. This makes it easy to switch between apps and perform tasks quickly. With a 50 MP primary camera, an 8 MP ultrawide lens, and a 2 MP depth sensor, the triple camera setup lets users take stunning shots with a lot of depth and detail. The device also has a 13 MP camera on the front to take high-quality selfies. The Galaxy M34 5G has a big 6000 mAh battery and supports 25W fast charging, so it has a long battery life and can be charged quickly. There are many ways to connect, such as 5G, dual SIM support, USB connection, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. This makes it easy to connect for a wide range of needs. Overall, the Samsung Galaxy M34 5G has a beautiful screen, a powerful processor, great cameras, a long battery life, and various ways to connect to the internet. This makes it a competent smartphone for both work and play.