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Currently, the most discussed topic is Apple Vision Pro. Apple's first 3D camera is the Apple Vision Pro. You will be surprised to hear that Apple researched this vision pro for nine years. It has some amazing features that no one has experienced before. The Apple Vision Pro has a 23-megapixel microLED 4K display. Also has the M2 and R1 chipsets. So we can say that it is a different operating system.

It has also come into much discussion because of its price. Everyone asks about the Apple Vision Pro price. So let's go learn more about Apple Vision Pro.

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This Apple Vision Pro is built with aerospace aluminum, which gives it a premium look and is weightless.

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There are two processors: one is an M2 chip, and the other is an R1 chip. With these two processors, you will use them smoothly. The R1 chipset is so powerful; it can display photos in just 12 mini seconds, which is unbelievable.

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Microphones and cameras

We already know about the Vision Pro display and chipset. Apple Vision Pro security is so strong. If you go to Vision Pro Unlock, it scans the eye's retina. It has six microphones. There are 12 cameras, out of which six come through the front glass.

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If you apply it to the eyes, you control everything with your eyes and hand gestures. Apple Vision Pro has a high-power eye sensor. Your screen is thereby tracking where your eyes go and stay. You can enter any app with a blink of an eye or a swipe of your finger.

The most important thing is that wearing this headset without facing a problem lets you talk to others who are sitting with you. It has a 23-megapixel microLED 4K display. Because of this, whatever you see, you will feel like you are there.

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Audio quality

Apple included a special sound system in this Vision Pro. Its sound system will make you feel that what you see will come from the surrounding sound.

Environment control

Apple Vision Pro's cool feature is environment control. With this feature, you can get the feeling of watching a movie by the sea, even from a plane seat. You can zoom your screen with your fingers, enhancing your movie-watching experience. Even you will watch a movie and play games on a 100-foot screen.

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A real face-to-face call

When you make a FaceTime call, you get a cool experience. When you video call someone, you'll feel like you're right in front of them. This vision pro will create an avatar like you, and this avatar can see the person in the video call.

Battery backup

This Vision Pro gives you 2 hours of battery backup. But you use it for 24 hours with a charger plugin.

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Apple Vision Pro will be launched in the first month of 2024.


This Apple Vision Pro's worldwide market price will be $3,500.

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This Apple Vision Pro has many advantages. There are:

1. A higher-resolution 4K display

2. Special audio quality

3. Realistic video call

4. Creating memories with 3D photos


This Apple Vision Pro has many advantages but also some disadvantages. There are:

1. This Apple Vision price is so high.

2. Not a good battery backup


Q. Is Apple Vision Pro real?

Yes, the Apple Vision Pro is official news. So it is real.

Q. What does Apple's Vision Pro do?

Apple's first 3D camera is the Vision Pro. In 3D, you can capture amazing spatial photographs and videos.

Q. Is Apple Vision Pro VR or AR?

The Vision Pro integrates VR and AR on a single device.

Q. What is the price of the Apple Vision Pro?

This Apple Vision Pro's worldwide market price will be $3,500.

Q. What is the release date of Apple Vision Pro?

The Apple Vision Pro will be released in the first month of 2024.

The Apple Vision Pro is a revolutionary headset that blends a stylish design with powerful hardware, straightforward controls, and immersive experiences. It creates new opportunities for productivity, creativity, enjoyment, and collaboration. The future of immersive technology appears bright, thanks to its revolutionary potential and Apple's commitment to innovation. The Vision Pro ushers in a new era of mixed reality experiences, transforming how we engage with technology and bringing us closer to a more immersive and connected world. So everyone is waiting for this Apple Vision Pro.

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